20 mm. A.A. Gun

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CE PIECE WilE:"< THE STR1KER PL'i IS FULLY FORWARD. See ~l:tinten:~nce Instructions on P:~ge 142. 3. The breech block h~s started on reco:I caerying v:ith it :he fired cartridge. Figure H. rnctcd the striker pin i rom the fired c~rtridge. ~ocate rearward. The hammer BREECH BLOCK The breech block is connected to the breech bolt by tho same e»tter th~t connects the breech bolt to the breech b;,rs. See Figure 43. The purpose of the breech bolt is to enend

To force rhe fired case clear oi th e C:I>ing before the breech b lock has commenced to cou nterrecoil. \ CE OF TilE TOE OF TilE EJECTO R. The Ared c::arcriuye eidcd. :. ni :1 tir,~d C~\rtr i dQl' t':\:-4! 1 t .. l r:1e r ·!. wd c:w::i1t:t a ,;1'1 1. -d h ::'1 · .. ·r.! :h1,. ,. um:u:d _, ·r' ·r.

This attempt to disengage is due to the action of two forces: I. The spring (\V) at the end of the t rigger hook (A), Figure 24, is exerting pressure on the end of t he trigger hook (A) 10 lift the opposite end from the recoil sear (D). wl trippin~ bole (OE - 1~1! ) ,\ (-Pur~ihd~r:tm te ... ll 1i\uwn tn \'EtLOW ££- Tn~~~ r pa wl :1prin3 (OE-lJJl ) PAGe ~~ TRIGGER MECHANISM Z. There is on upward thrust on the trigger hook that is caused by the fo rward pull of the bar:el spring- acting on the inclined faces of the sear and trigger hook.

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